From picture to a coin...

At Juvil Coin Machines you will find the most profitable and most dependable machines because there were made locally. These machines already operate everyday at some of Canada’s busiest tourist attractions and theme parks, and create revenue.
At no cost to you.

The elongating machine is a combination of aluminum and top quality steel. With a clear lexan cabinet housing of the machine allows your customers to observe the elongating process from start to finish.

How it Works

  • To create a coin, your customer merely selects the design they want to purchase. Each of these designs are created to represent your location and designed by our team
  • Then they insert the required coin (a Loonie) and turn the handle. A brass slug (defacing real coins is illegal), will drop into the mechanism and be imprinted and elongated
  • Out drops the elongated penny souvenir. A section of the profits for each coin is yours!